Convergence Ventures is dedicated to bringing cutting-edge life sciences businesses to Houston and the surrounding area. Backed by experienced local business leaders, Convergence links academic, medical and human capital resources with ample financial capital – similar to successful investment models in other regions in the USA including Boston, Chicago, Cleveland and Silicon Valley.

Convergence Ventures Houston

Texas based investors have the opportunity to foster the development of high-growth, high-impact, startup innovation in informatics, life sciences and related therapeutic technologies. Houston and the region have a thriving corporate innovation scene with abundant innovation through internal research and development (R&D).  Texas is a dominant player in R&D for oil and gas, and ranks third nationally in aerospace R&D.  Houston and the surrounding areas clearly have the resources and technical know-how to be a national leader in variety of R&D markets.

Convergence Ventures provides its companies with a conduit to seasoned scientific, technical and business expertise and capabilities to retrain and attract late-stage life sciences technologies in Houston and the surrounding area.